Welcome! Kids are Superheroes is a website dedicated to teaching kids (and their parents) how to gain confidence in themselves and get HAPPIER – in fun, easy ways!

We’ll be creating tons of short videos that will show you how you can start speaking the language of your subconscious mind – because that’s where a person’s happiness comes from. It’s from the inside – out.

The six skills below are the ways we speak this language. They might seem odd to you at first. But, the funny thing is that we already naturally use most of them. We’re just used to using them in negative ways at times. And that’s what gets us into trouble – like worry and fears and not feeling good about ourselves.

Kids are Superheroes will teach you how to start using these skills to replace inner stress with INNER STRENGTH.

Did you know that our subconscious minds are like super-computers? They are actually more powerful than any super-computer ever built! And they’re constantly filing away everything we think and feel. They’ve been doing this since we were born. All of our memories, experiences, thoughts and beliefs are all stored there – and they basically form our personal operating manuals.

Many people think that our conscious minds are in control of what we do, but that’s not really true. Our subconscious minds are 95% more powerful than our conscious minds and they essentially ‘run the show’.

The simple equation goes like this:


So, to get happier – you work at changing the programming. (yes, it can be done!)

When you learn the skills above, you’ll be able to start reaching in and replacing the negative programming with positive, powerful new files. That’s when things can start changing-in amazing ways!

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