My Story

Wondering how I came to create Kids are Superheroes?

Here’s my story:

Once there was a little girl who was quite happy and fun loving and energetic on the outside – but she had so many fears and worries and self-doubts on the inside.  She grew up in a big family with lots of friends and lots of fresh air and she loved doing just about EVERYTHING.  She even loved school and books and learning.  But deep down – she often felt afraid, she felt unsure of herself and the world, and she believed she wasn’t ‘good enough’ in many ways.  Something must be wrong with her, she thought.

As we fast forward to when she was a young adult, she was still having plenty of fun on the outside,  but these burdens she carried weren’t going away.  She knew she had to change and so she began reading books to educate herself.  She also knew she needed the guidance of professionals – people who knew this subject and who could teach her and support her in her personal journey. She is forever grateful for them. But, still her burdens were a huge part of her.    

Meanwhile, she met her husband Jim and they had three beautiful children!!!  You would think all of this incredible happiness would just magically make her fears disappear.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  She was definitely making progress as the years went by, but all of those fears and worries were still there hiding under the surface.  

Then alas, things began to shift.  It started when she picked up her first book on the powers of our subconscious minds.  She was so fascinated, she read another and another.  Soon she was ordering tons of these books from libraries.  She kept wanting to know more about how our subconscious minds hold all of our programming and all of our beliefs;  about how our lives are operated from these beliefs; and about how we are connected to the universe.  She loved the science behind it all.  This coming from a girl who wrote cheat notes up and down her arms for science tests in school.   

But, all of this reading was only taking her so far – until this next part of the story. 

She needed to sell the small business she’d been running for years.  Little did she know this would free up much needed time to slow down and relax.  So she began putting what she was learning into practice – daily practice, to be exact.  And that’s when things started to change.  It didn’t happen overnight.  But practices like gratitude, meditation, affirmations and visualization became regular routines  –  and her life on the inside was finally getting better! She can honestly say the changes were nothing short of amazing.

Fast forward another few years and the changes were so PROFOUND, she decided to write a book to teach others what she was learning.  The book is titled:  Simply Being Happy – 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life.

Then one day not too long ago, she looked back at her younger self and realized what a little hero she had been back then – despite of all her fears.  A superhero!  And if kids could just start realizing this about themselves – that they have incredible potential inside. If they can learn how to tap into this potential and start using the innate tools we’ve all been given – then they can become the creators of their happiness!  

Her mission now is to teach kids (and their parents) in fun, easy ways – how to do just that.

Join me!  

Paula Paula Sullivan

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