“Simply Being Happy is like a breath of fresh air.
We all deserve to be happy and Paula Sullivan’s guide teaches us how.”

Kids are Superheroes creator Paula Sullivan is also the author of the book, Simply Being Happy – 93 Ways to Replace Worry with Peace and Create a Joyful Life.


And she’s compiled what she’s learned into this fun, easy-to-read book.  It’s 370 pages in the style of a workbook.  Fill it out, make it your own, and use it everyday to get happy!


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Here are a reader’s comments:

“Through her extensive research and application, I believe that Paula has really hit on something powerful and possibly pioneered the way to finding true deep and meaningful happiness.

I found Simply Being Happy to be strengthening and even a, somewhat, spiritual self help book that has the power to change lives. It is an exciting book filled with many practical, applicable tips on how to reverse one’s thinking and become more joyful and peaceful. I tried her techniques and I sensed a newness within my mind and spirit. It really worked.

Having dealt with depression my whole life, after reading and putting into practice Sullivan’s ideas, I feel as though I have a whole new lease on life.

So, not only do I recommend this book, but I want to thank Paula Sullivan for her hard work to make this book possible and available to change my life and as well others.”

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